happy weekEND.

Hope you enjoyed "beach week"! Heading out to Chicagoland to see my family and friends for the weekend. Hope yours is just as special. xx



Beach Playlist

1. Priory "Weekend"
2. Sia "Elastic Heart"
3. Vance Joy "Rip Tide"
4. Arctic Monkeys "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?"
5. KONGOS "Come With Me Now"
6. Tove Lo "Habits"
7. Milky Chance "Stolen Dance"
8. The Griswolds "Beware the Dance"
9. Lilly Wood and The Pricks "Prayer in C"


Beach Beautification

Beach Beautification

Mineral Skin Care / Neutrogena Sun Care / Floppy Summer Hat / Hair Scarf / Brass Shell Necklace

1. Get active with a frisbee. 
2. Keep your face free from the sun with a floppy hat.
3. Squeeze lemon into your hair for natural highlights.
4. Hair not salt water friendly? Wrap it up in a pretty head scarf.

5. Keep your skin hydrated and protected.
6. Don't over-accessorize! A simple necklace is all you need. 

Viola! Beach beautification at your best!


Beach Week

I decided to dedicate this week to the beach. There's a stereotype that falls into the lifestyle of your typical SoCal resident, and it's that we are always at the beach. I wish that were so. This weekend I drove to Malibu with a dear friend of mine so we could both get our much needed R&R in the sun and sand. That said, I realized that although I don't always plan on being at the beach, the "typical SoCal resident" should always definitely be ready to go there.

Easy essentials for the beach:

Sarong // Suit // Sandals // Sun Hat // Sunglasses // Tote // Towel // SPF // Lip Balm // Small Purse (for credit cards and license, etc.)