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Currently Craving/DIY

It's no surprise to me that my obsession with flower crowns is getting stronger by the moment. It's the perfect mixture of my hippie-chic/girly personality and style. Making these crowns is relatively simple, just takes a trip to your craft store and a half hour of your afternoon/evening. This DIY is a fun project for a girls night, a bridal shower or just to make by yourself. Adjust the crown to your liking, making it as subtle or as bold as you wish. My personal favorite way to make them (and my favorite flowers to use) is shown here.
Currently Craving/DIY


Patty In The Kitchen: Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

This past Sunday I was craving something sweet after dinner and since I don't really keep sweets in my place, I decided to search for a recipe to make something sweet with ingredients I already had at home. Knowing I had a few things on hand (like peanut butter and brown sugar), I started typing these into Google, and lo and behold! Easy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.



Plan(t) Ahead

I love to give plants to as gifts. You can almost always find one that fits the recipients personality and lifestyle. If someone lives in an apartment, a small plant in a decorative pot can brighten up an area instantly. For all of your friends that enjoy cooking, perhaps an herb plant that they can keep in their kitchen will do the trick. Know someone that's always on-the-go? A pretty succulent arrangement works perfectly for those who aren't around enough to water and tend to a plant (or some of us who always find that we kill plants easily... oh dear). No matter what the occasion, almost anyone can find good use for a plant, which makes this gift one of my favorite go-to's.